Tree build system and OM2007.2

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Wed Aug 1 22:00:00 CEST 2007

Hi Rodolphe,

> sorry to scratch an old itch but, shouldn't we take the opportunity of
> opening OM2007.2 to think about the build system (esp. the qmake vs.
> autotools thingy)? It's just that it makes me nervous for the project to
> see 2 build systems available simultaneously... (Maybe I am just too
> nervous.

Didn't you see me removing all .pro files? :)
Well -- basically qmake support is gone. It was there mainly for my
personal preference (I confess, I love qmake and prefer it to autotools).

> There is one thing in particular that I'd like to see in SVN: the
> ability to re-conf the whole tree automatically after update and build
> it without going (too much) in the individual components updates.
> If possible, I'd like that starting at the "target/" subtree (or even
> higher!).
> I don't think such a system has a chance of being adequately maintained
> if the main developers do not elect a "primary" build system.

See above, it's done. autotools is it.

> As an example, personnally, I kept on maintaining such a thing for
> myself alone for a few months (for OM-2007/ only), as I really find it
> useful for tracking the tree. [1]

I agree. This is very useful!

> Of course OE/Mokomakefile etc. are available to do that too, but I do
> most of the coding attempts on the PC itself in xoo as that's much
> faster natively on the PC to remake the tree or install things.

> I do not want to turn this into an autotools vs qmake debate but I
> wonder if we can avoid to do some comparison now that both have been
> tried for a while. Mickey, especially, do you think qmake can be up to
> the task for being the primary build system for everything?

Of course it could. Qmake can do everything autotools can do :D

Anyways, since you already worked on that, you'd be welcome to add
some top-level directory (src/target/OM-2007.2) autotools stuff that
could build everything in one run. Would you like to do that?


- Michael Lauer <mickey at>         
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