Ciao! Let me shortly introduce myself

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> Hi to all, first of all I'm sorry for my bad english, I had to improve it!
> Let me shortly introduce myself:
> my name is Luca I'm 32 years old and I live in Bolzano, in the north of
> Italy.
> I worked in the IRST institute in Trento in the department of speech
> recognition where I had the opportunity to develop on Symbian and familiar (
> in C++/C and Java.
> After this experience (4 years) I worked for 1 year in a small company in
> the field of Computer Telephone Integration (CTI). I had the opportunity (or
> bad luck :p) to use the MS Visual Studio 6 and to develope on MS Windows
> Mobile 5 :-(
> I recently discovered Openmoko and I hope to have time to develop with it
> !
> Ciao,
> Luca.
> --
> "il mondo non ci e' stato lasciato in eredita' dai nostri padri..
> .. lo abbiamo preso in prestito dai nostri figli.."

Welcome abroad!
Heh, if you have experience in speech recognishion, then you surely have
some intresting ideas to bring to us related to speech recognishion, wich is
one of the (IMO) fields where the OpenMoko could strike big (imagine asking
"where am i?" and the phone answers "In the Drusus Street in Bolzano,

p.s. and since you also live in South Tirol, you also know how hard it is to
understand someone speaking, even for humans ^_^.

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