What method should be used to add/modify new pkgs and distribute them

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Sat Aug 25 00:28:57 CEST 2007

Koen Kooi wrote:
> I've complained multiple times about the crap and misinformation in those wikis, but
> continue to be ignored. Please use the info on the openembedded.org site, as that is
> written by people that actually have a clue about OE and how to use it.

Instead of insulting OpenMoko application developers who are just
starting to use OpenEmbedded and are not an OpenEmbedded guru such as
yourself, why don't you do one of the following instead:

1) Point them to the how-to-use-collections-in-openmoko tutorial
(tutorial, not reference manual pages) on openembedded.org that replaces
the parts of the pages you are concerned about.  Don't just point them
to the openembedded.org homepage, point them to the tutorial that they
need.  Update the referenced wiki pages to point to that tutorial page.

2) If such a tutorial does not exist, then modify the referenced wiki
pages so that they *do* contain correct information.  It's a wiki.  If
you consider yourself part of the OpenMoko community (as opposed to just
a build system provider guru sitting in an ivory tower) then you have
the same responsibility as anyone else to correct misinformation on the

If you're the person who knows the information is incorrect, and who
knows the correct location of a tutorial that fully replaces the one
that some new developer wrote on the OpenMoko wiki, then one can only
assume that the reason why you don't fix it is because then you would
have nothing left to complain about ...

-- Rod (who didn't write the text in question, and has never used
collections, so cannot fix the page with correct information)

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