Meaning of source trees

Rod Whitby rod at
Sat Aug 25 00:38:13 CEST 2007

John Seghers wrote:
> I'm trying to understand what the various source trees mean.
> When I use MokoMakefile there are three main directories created:

I have no idea where you got the "" directory from.
MokoMakefile does not create such a directory.  I suspect you have
checked it out of monotone manually.

> openembedded/

MokoMakefile checks out the OpenEmbedded branch
into that directory.  This naming is according to the original OpenMoko
official build instructions.

> openmoko

MokoMakefile checks out the OpenMoko svn repository into that directory.
 Yes, it checks out far more than what's required, but that's what was
in the original official build instructions which MokoMakefile
replicated.  We can adjust that in the future if necessary.

> Both openembedded and contain package definitions.

Yes, and MokoMakefile only references the former.

> openmoko contains source code for both 2007.1 and 2007.2, yet the actual
> sources that get compiled are pulled from repositories rather than from this
> source tree.

Correct.  However, Qemu at least is built directly from the svn
repository checkout.

> openmoko also contains an OE tree, though I think this is the 2007.1 overlay
> for modifications to the upstream openembedded work.

Correct.  That is now deprecated, and is no longer symlinked to a
top-level 'oe' directory since the transition to 2007.2.

> The build/conf/site.conf file references .bb files in openembedded whereas
> local.conf references

I suspect you might have modified your local.conf to do so.  The
local.conf that MokoMakefile creates for you has three lines in it,
defining the MACHINE, DISTRO, and BUILD_ARCH.  If there is anything else
in that file, then you've put it there, not MokoMakefile.

> So:
> * if the sources in openmoko/ are not being used for compilation, why are
> they there? And how does one USE them for compilation?
> * Which tree(s) is(are) actually canonical for 2007.2?

These are questions for the OpenMoko core team to answer, as they are
the people who define what is canonical and what is not.  The
MokoMakefile simply automates the official build instructions provided
by the core team - it does not make policy decisions itself (and neither
do I).

-- Rod

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