Adding Applications To OpenMoko The Right Way

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Wed Aug 29 19:32:21 CEST 2007

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Robert Schuster schreef:
> Hi,
> AFAIK OpenMoko will employ someone to fix OE- and OM- related issues.
> Maybe this gal/guy will also provide the information for 3rd developers
> you want:
>> - "how to port an already existing autotools project to openmoko",
>> - "how to extend an already existing openmoko application",
>> - "how to extend the openembedded specific code",
>> - "how to write new openmoko applications",
>> - "how to commit your changes/additions to the openmoko & openembedded
>> repositories."
> Still much of the above information can be learned by looking at the BB
> files. However think about this: If you don't have autotools knowledge
> you will have a hard time understanding e.g. autotools.bbclass. It is
> all very complex because it can achieve so much.
> There is an OE manual somewhere on which the OE devs
> can edit. 

Anyone can edit it, it lives in the org.openembedded.documentation[1] branch in monotone,
the website is auto-generated from that every 30 minutes. Edit the docbook file[3] and
attach the output of 'mtn diff' to the OE bugtracker. Extending the usermanual (which
already has section on how to write recipes from scratch) is the best way to go.



[3] Yes, docbook, XML is evil, etc,  I didn't choose it
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