How to Handle Dependencies Correctly

Jeff Rush jeff at
Thu Aug 30 22:11:48 CEST 2007

Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
> Dnia czwartek, 30 sierpnia 2007, Jeff Rush napisał:
>> I'm enabling new packages for an image but have a bit of a puzzle.  I
>> add a new package to build/conf/local.conf:
>>   DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += "python-pybluez"
>> and when I do a:
>>    make rebuild-package-task-base
>>    make openmoko-devel-image
>> it fails with a note about not being able to satisfy the dependency on
>> "python-pybluez".  However, if I then do:
>>    make build-package-python-pybluez
>>    make openmoko-devel-image
>> it builds fine.  How do I make OE satisfy this dependency itself?
> It is simple. Rebuild task does not care about deps.

Thanks Marcin for the reply but I'm afraid I don't understand.  The rebuilding
of task-base is necessary to incorporate changes in the DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS
variable, right?  And use of that variable is the way you get additional
packages added to your image.  So why would the proper way to add packages not
utilize the dependency chain?  Is there another way I should be doing this?


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