cross compile badness

Jeff Rush jeff at
Fri Aug 31 00:19:02 CEST 2007

Heilpern, Mark wrote:
> I haven't seen this particular error, but I have not yet been able to
> successfully use MokoMakefile through to completion. Often just waiting
> a day and retrying has to me further until the next breakage point;
> sometimes the update process has sent me backwards, breaking at an early
> point rather than later.
> Last night I deleted everything except the makefile and started over...
> right now I'm stuck because " connection refused".

Mark, if some of your problems are network-related (as opposed to OE software
stability), perhaps this tip from Michael Lauer may be of use:

> > Just today, I hit this -- in the morning the domain name for the cups
> > software went invalid.  I waited 2-3 hours, did an update and yes
> > indeed someone noticed and checked in a new hostname.  And then it
> > broke on the lsof software -- an FTP directory no longer exists on
> > their distribution host.  Grrr!

> Sounds like you didn't set the CVS_TARBALL_STASH and/or PREMIRRORS
> correctly, otherwise it would contact to grab
> sources in case they're missing usptream.

However I've not been able to find their usage explained on the OE website.
Please share if you figure them out.


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