VERY basic question from a programming-beginner

Christof Elmiger christof.elmiger at
Fri Aug 31 00:21:05 CEST 2007

Hi all
I am aspiring to develop an application that should be running on a Neo 
and possibly also on other phones. I've been searching the wiki and the 
documentations about OpenMoko, but it's a bit over the top of my head. 
As I am a complete beginner, I would need some more, very very basic 
help. Could someone be so kind as to give me a few hints as on how I 
should set out with my quest? E.g. what programming language should I do 
my work in (do I have a choice? JavaME? Flash light? Python?), and what 
restrictions do I need to consider? How can I simulate/emulate it on my 
computer? If such basic stuff is being covered somewhere, please point 
me to the source.
Thanks, and greetings from switzerland

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