VERY basic question from a programming-beginner

Giles Jones giles.jones at
Fri Aug 31 18:19:54 CEST 2007

Christof Elmiger <christof.elmiger at> wrote :

> Could someone be so kind as to give me a few hints as on how I 
> should set out with my quest? E.g. what programming language should I do 
> my work in (do I have a choice? JavaME? Flash light? Python?)

Ideally C, but if you're a new programmer then you've got a lot to learn. C is easier in some respects than C++, but it's also a fairly thin layer over machine code compared to say Java.

Scripting languages and Java are fairly slow on an embedded device. You wouldn't notice that with a simple interface but as soon as you do anything with video, sound or vector graphics you'll notice it.

Get a good C reference book and a good tutorial and follow it. The important things to grasp are pointers and data structures as you use these a lot in an application. 

It's possible you could be doing some simple applications after a month of reading and practice, writing good code and turning a process in your head into some good code takes much longer.

G O Jones

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