2007.11 snapshot available

Peter Rasmussen plr at udgaard.com
Tue Dec 4 22:29:53 CET 2007

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Peter Rasmussen wrote:
>> I checked out bug #1028, and yes, even with the limited info there, it
>> seems to be the same.
> Thanks for confirming!
That was the least I could do!
>>> A couple of seconds later you should see a popup with your mobile
>>> service provider appearing.
>> I could then make phone calls, but it seemed that when the other end 
>> drops the connection, my Neo doesn't detect it and stays up until I 
>> explicitly drop the call myself. Is this a known problem?
> Unfortunately yes, sorry. gsmd team and dialer team are working to fix
> this asap.
Actually, now being able to both dial and receive phone calls, this 
issue moves down the 'issue ladder' for me. It doesn't work in a sexy 
way, but it works!

What I would rather like to see now is working text messaging (SMS) and 
better battery life, because then I could switch my regular mobile phone 
to the Neo for every day usage, and that would put many more testing 
hours into it. Right now, it is only after I come home and have time 
sitting down with it that I can fiddle and test it, and that makes a 
huge difference.

If emphasis could also be put into providing more characters in the text 
messaging, eg. European, Japanese and Chinese characters, that would be 
helpful, too. You know, text messaging in Europe and Asia is sometimes 
more important than voice.

Then, having a USB mode = Mass Storage, so that when powered up, or in 
the boot loader mode, being able to directly access the SD or SDHC flash 
card would make access to it easier and less demanding with moving the 
flash card back and forth between the Neo and a reader, when populating 
it with a new kernel and rootfs image. How and when do you suppose that 
is coming along?

In general, how do I put such functionality road map priority wishes 
through? Bugzilla? Or is that only for actual defects?


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