YAMA - Map Application intended for OpenMoko

Schmidt András asch at freemail.hu
Tue Dec 4 23:21:28 CET 2007


I am developing a GPL map viewing application.
Project home page is: http://yamamap.wiki.sourceforge.net/
It has three main versions:

    * Java-Swing for desktop
    * C#-Windows.Forms for .Net CF, Windows desktop and Linux desktop
    * C#-GTK# for OpenMoko (and Linux desktop)

The program already works on PDA's (at least on my own PDA :-)). 
Unluckily I have no OpenMoko phone yet though I have initiated the 
project for this device.

It has an own map format optimized (pursuant to performance) for mobile 
devices. First I have imported some free (as free beer, not as free 
speech :-() maps of my country and neighboring countries but I could not 
get the permission of the map owners to redistribute their maps in Yama 
format (maybe later). Now I am working on an OpenStreetMap importer. 
Concept details of the importer are here: 

Today I have imported a part of the OSM map to YAMA's native format.
I have packed a demo application with this map:

The pack contains the map files and two executables (they must be 
started in the directory where they are unpacked so they will find the 
map and configuration files):

    * yama.jar: can be started with (Java runtime needed): java -jar
          o handles: left click, right click, left drag, right drag and
            middle click
    * yamaGtk.exe: can be started with (Mono runtime needed): ./yamaGtk.exe
          o handles: left click

Some map objects are not rendered correctly, it is just a proof of concept.

I would be really happy to get feedback about the Yama project:

    * Do you like the concept?
    * Do you have any suggestions?
    * Would you like to participate the project? :-)
    * How could it work on an OpenMoko phone? (If you are the happy
      owner of a real OpenMoko capable hardware you could also try to
      execute the GTK version on the phone)

Andrew Schmidt

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