SMS is required + fix for battery drained isse (was: 2007.11 snapshot available)

Thomas Wood thomas at
Wed Dec 5 10:25:25 CET 2007

On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 01:45 +0100, Bernhard Kaindl wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Dec 2007, Jon Phillips wrote:
> So can we __please__ put the thought of text messaging (SMS) being
> optional for mass __usage__ (not resting, as it's now) to rest now?
> Of course it's not neccesary if you do not plan to ready the Neo for
> mass-sales in the next 5 years. By then maybe everying is done thru
> mails, but for now, it's all still done thru SMS in middle Europe at least.
> BTW, SMS works with Qtopia:

The latest snapshot includes the first alpha version of the Messages
application which allows you to send and receive SMS messages.
Unfortunately there is a bug which means it won't display messages from
unknown contacts (i.e. people not in the address book), but expect that
to be fixed in the updates very soon.

> Either the 500mA charging has to be available at all times (also
> when the battery is is completely empty), or a charger which is
> able to instatanously power-on the Neo so that there is no
> interruption in phone use when the battery is completely drained
> must be provided.

I can confirm that GTA02 fixes this - you do not even need a battery in
the device to use it if the USB cable is connected.

I've heard that the Nokia DT-14 charges the Neo battery about 75%, which
should be enough to revive them.



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