GSM-modem problems

Per Wolde Per.Wolde at
Thu Dec 13 10:15:32 CET 2007

Hi all!

First, I wonder if buildhost.openmoko is down for the moment or are there any changes in how one can retrieve old images?

Anyway, my problem is that my build 2007.2 suffers from a strange behaviour of the GSM modem. When using gsmd and libgsmd-tool it is discovered that the modem doesn't answer of all AT commands that are sent to it. Sometimes it works pretty good, but most of the times it acts as it answer one request after 3 requests more, and sometimes its just doesn't respond at all. When trying to use the modem directly through /dev/ttySAC0 by using a serial connector and interpreter it shows same behaviour. So, with a little logic it seems that my modem suffers from some bad driver or similar. 

Anyone have a clue? When looking at bug#256 it shows similar bugs, but when I try to follow one of the suggestions to retrieve an old image it fails since the URL doesn't work. Also same message when trying to build new by MokoMakefile.

It would be nice to get what is wrong and how to fix it by the build I already got, though.

Any help is welcome


Per Wolde
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