Anyone's reading bugzilla?

Erin Yueh erin_yueh at
Mon Dec 17 09:34:52 CET 2007

hi cayco,

Thanks a lot for reporting these bugs for us. We will review these bugs 
on our weekly basis.
We welcome everyone to use our software and also very willing to see 
they report bugs in bugzilla.

best regards,

Krzysztof Kajkowski wrote:
> Hi!
> Recently I started to test newest OM snapshots and fill in new bugs in 
> bugzilla. But I'm wonder if this is neccesary or needed? I filled some 
> IMHO severe bugs (contact list is not working, dialer is not working - 
> #1120, #1121, #1122) but there's no answer. Does it mean you already 
> know about these bugs and are already fixing them or have no time to 
> looks at them? Do you want us to test your software?
> best regards
> cayco

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