Anyone's reading bugzilla?

Krzysztof Kajkowski cayco at
Mon Dec 17 09:40:16 CET 2007

Wiadomość napisana w dniu Dec 17, 2007, o godz 9:34 AM, przez Erin Yueh:

> hi cayco,
> Thanks a lot for reporting these bugs for us. We will review these  
> bugs on our weekly basis.
> We welcome everyone to use our software and also very willing to see  
> they report bugs in bugzilla.
> best regards,
> erin

Hi Erin!

Thx for answering! I'll keep testing and reporting bugs. Keep up good  


> Krzysztof Kajkowski wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Recently I started to test newest OM snapshots and fill in new bugs  
>> in bugzilla. But I'm wonder if this is neccesary or needed? I  
>> filled some IMHO severe bugs (contact list is not working, dialer  
>> is not working - #1120, #1121, #1122) but there's no answer. Does  
>> it mean you already know about these bugs and are already fixing  
>> them or have no time to looks at them? Do you want us to test your  
>> software?
>> best regards
>> cayco

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