Announce nightly build and source code packages

John Lee john_lee at
Thu Dec 27 14:38:06 CET 2007


The nightly build is automatic now and could be found under

It pulls from, which means it will be a couple
days behind the mainline OE with some fixes to make sure OM builds.
It will also have moko-autorev enabled so it will always build the
latest OM related packages.  So, if you want to use packages on the
bleeding edge, you could direct your ipkg to pull from here.

If a developer want to retrieve the source code of an existing
application inside OM, he/she had to check the OE recipes to find out
the exact download location, version and the patches on it to fix
bugs/compiling errors before.  Now the orig and diff source tarballs
will be generated along with the nightly build.  They could be found

Please report any bugs/feedbacks.  Thanks!


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