PalmOS-like data storage

Knight Walker moko at
Thu Feb 1 18:50:52 CET 2007

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 11:45:15AM -0500, Gervais Mulongoy wrote:
> Thanks for the information.
> Here's what I found regarding SQLite which could potentially solve the issue
> with "twiddling" options from commandline.
> It seems that SQLite can be used as a back-end for a userspace filesystem
> (FUSE).

Yeah, someone else posted about this, and I did some looking into it. It looks
really useful but I'm not exactly sure how well it would work in reality.
We would end up with something like the /proc or /sys filesystems on Linux,
which aren't bad per se, but it's not like you can add comments or comment
out the old options and add new ones so you can go back if your change doesn't
work the way you expected it to.  But for data storage, libsqlfs looks really
nifty.  At least one program I'm planning (If someone doesn't beat me to it)
may use it.

As an aside, I would really like to see FUSE as a standard part of the
OpenMoKo platform.  I believe it will be, as I think FUSE was part of 
Linux 2.6.17, but I can't remember anymore and I don't have the time to look
it up.


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