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Well, you're not wrong, certainly: people use MMS even though it _is_ horribly broken (and expensive, etc.) I guess the point I'm attempting to make here is that in addition to the challenges in just getting a working phone out the door, you sign up to take on what seems, to me, anyway, to be a pretty substantial educational exercise.

If there's going to be a substitute or replacement for MMS that the average consumer will "get", then I withdraw (most of) my comments around "disconnects". My main point--which I think still stands--is that people have certain expectations of what cellphones will be able to do...

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>> Also, who uses MMS?
> Only pretty much the majority of actual cellphone users in Europe, based on
> the market research and carrier requirements I've read...

IMHO, only because nobody has given us anything better. We're trying to do
that. So I asked the guys to ignore MMS for the now. If this is an issue
I'll put resources on this in the future. Right now, I'd much prefer to see
solutions that use GPRS such an IM / Email / ...
>> Seems like the typical user would just email
>> and attach media and/or just s/ftp
> Typical _Linux_ user, maybe. This is the sort of thing which (in my view)
> represents something of a disconnect between the goals of "having as open a
> phone as possible" and "selling a lot of phones"...

You might be right. But I personally feel that MMS is fundamentally flawed.
Costs aside, it's just not the way I think media should be transferred. The
benefits are just too low for the end user. We're trying to fix this.

Really guys, we're trying to rethink lots of things with OpenMoko. I don't
want to do the same things just running under FOSS. We'd be missing out on a
huge invitation to innovate both as a company and a community. Why not use
the flexibility and rethink how we want these devices to work -- as end
users -- not just for geeks but for everyone? I'm not saying we'll get
things right the first time. Just that we're going to try our best ;-)

_This_ opportunity is what makes me excited about OpenMoko. Not (simply) the
fact that it's FOSS based.


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