mail and contacts app

Lars Hallberg lah at
Sat Feb 3 09:11:49 CET 2007

Jon Phillips skrev:
> In the other openmoko, Philip Van Hoof, creator of tinymail
> ( brought up how it would be a good mail app for
> openmoko. I agree.
> I also think that consolidating behind the simple contact app,
> would be a good idea.
> Both use Evolution Data Server and are aimed at OpenMoko/OLPC/handheld
> devices.
They look good. But I want to make a distinction.

OpenMoko is open source, so everything can be replaced. But in 
practice.  It's hard writing stuff if You don't know whats there (giving 
a tight memory pulling in a lot of duplicate dependencies is bad). It's 
also hard replacing stuff if it will break allot of other stuff.

So a 'statement' of what is standard, and what You can expect and depend 
on would be good. EDS and tinymail service layer may fit being 
'standard'. If replaced, they shuld be replaced with something 
completely compatible (exception may happen on OpenMoko major version 

But keep as much as possible only default... that is replaceable and 
that nothing should depend on. A nice tinymail front end and this 
contact app may fit that good.

PS This list still don't exist on :-( DS


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