X over bluetooth?

Mitch Skinner lists at arctur.us
Sun Feb 4 10:18:30 CET 2007

Looking at the X code, it seems like adding basic bluetooth support is
just a matter of opening a socket with a different set of flags

The use case for this would be something like, I want to enter
information into the phone and I'm nearby a bluetooth-enabled computer,
so I run a program on the phone that displays to the bigger machine over
bluetooth.  The advantage, of course, being that I can use a big display
and a regular keyboard to enter the information.  Or maybe I could even
run a presentation off of my phone to an X server connected to a

My question is, would it be better to use BNEP?  Or does BNEP impose
some overhead that we could avoid by going over straight rfcomm?  It
doesn't seem like a huge amount of effort to add bluetooth support to X,
though it might be a while before that was widely deployed.  Besides SDP
support, what else would be involved?


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