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Philip Van Hoof spam at
Sun Feb 4 12:24:18 CET 2007

> > Other than that could camel-lite have been integrated with eds-dbus. The
> > maintainers of eds-dbus where not interested in the changes, sadly. I
> > tried though.
> So this possibility is completely dead?

For what I'm concerned, no. In fact, I'd be very happy to cooperate and
collaborate with eds-dbus.

On the other hand, I'm not prepared to wait for months to get trivial
changes accepted. The tinymail project is being rapidly developed and a
lot changes to the camel parts of it are still needed, and are being
done equally rapid.

And because the camel part of evolution-data-server isn't in any
interesting way integrated or connected with the rest of the eds
framework, only in a political way, it's also not *very* important

You can really take or copy the "camel" directory out of it, and compile
the library without the need for any other component (except some shared
functionality in libedataserver, which is the part that is statically
linked with camel-lite in tinymail's case, and that few code is
available in tinymail's camel-lite too).
> > On the other hand does tinymail *need* the changes. Tinymail will not
> > work without the changes and tinymail wouldn't be tinymail if not with
> > the changes. The libtinymail-camel also uses a lot of the new API that
> > have been introduced by the changes.
> > 
> > But it's all *new* API. Keeping the old API functional.
> Also, could you elaborate on how tinymail could support SMS text
> messaging and other phone message types. How could this be done? What
> are your thoughts on this?

A project like making this possible would certainly be interesting, I
think. It would involve developing a few custom tinymail components

Unless the message format is RFC822 of course. In that case it will come
down to just implementing some code for retrieving the list of messages
(a so called summary) and (or all) the messages themselves.

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