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Krzysztof Kajkowski cayco at
Wed Feb 7 16:27:04 CET 2007

2007/2/7, Andrew Turner <ajturner at>:
> Also, OpenMoKo isn't a mature project - it's just starting out. using
> an existing, supported open-source application seems to be right in
> line with what OpenMoKo wants to do/be.

 I agree but OpenMoko cannot come to users on 11.09 with buggy software,
especially with software that should be 'killer app'. Don't you think so? I
am also a devloper and I would like to help as much as I can - even if on
11.03 I buy phone with 'not mature' applications. My point is developers
should focus on 'killer apps' and only after start implementing some hackish
features like "ultrasound comminication" mentioned on wiki :-)

> Well, I would argue that GPS doesn't not necessarily imply "GPS
> Mapping". Instead, GPS provides location for a number of
> location-based services such as local weather, news, photos, time,
> friend finding, calendaring, etc. GPS being built-in provides a
> lower-level reliable access to location and I don't think the primary
> use will be people using their mobile phones to pull up a mapping app
> all the time.

 I understand your point but I would expect from phone with GPS is at
leastto be able to load some map and hit wilderness on my bike. I can even
pay for the map ;-) It would be nice if all features of GPS would be
available in OpenMoko.

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