OpenMoko and .Net framework

Cristian Libotean eblis102 at
Wed Feb 7 19:29:53 CET 2007


I just wanted to share my progress in converting the .Net framework to  
OpenMoko platform.

I have been successful in creating both Mono and Portable .Net (DotGNU)  
recipes for OpenEmbedded using the following configuration: MACHINE =  
"ep93xx", DISTRO = "generic".
I could only perform minor tests on the binaries as I do not have an ARM  
platform to test on; however the minor tests I've done with qemu have been  
successful: the binaries ran and did not throw any errors.

Mono might not work out of the box with OpenMoko because it requires an  
extra step to be fully compatible. Mono first has to be built natively to  
get a file called cpu-arm.h which you can later use for cross-compiling.  
The cpu-arm.h file currently available in OpenEmbedded has been gladly  
provided to me by a developer of OpenEmbedded, koen, but it targets the  
Armstrong platform. In order to have a fully functional cross build of  
Mono for OpenMoko one would have to first build Mono on the OpenMoko, get  
the cpu-arm.h file and use that for cross compilation.

The Portable .Net package doesn't require such a step but not all non-core  
tools are built because the stable version I used (0.7.4) is a bit old and  
doesn't fully support cross compilation. As I understand it a new stable  
version of Portable .Net should be released in a few days which has better  
support for porting to other platforms and cross compilation. I will try  
and port the new version as well as soon as it is released.

The poeple at OpenEmbedded have been very helpful in extending my recipes  
so a big thanks goes out to them

Hopefully you'll be able to include support for the .Net platform in your  
upcoming phone.


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