Recipe for setting up OpenEmbedded environment on wiki

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at
Thu Feb 8 06:10:29 CET 2007

michael at writes:

>>From my notes and history I created a rough draft of a recipe for getting the
>OpenEmbedded environment set up on Ubuntu 6.10. I wrote the recipe after I did
>this work, and errors may have crept in.
>I welcome testing, feedback, corrections, and comments:

Rather than compiling from source, I was able to get monotone from
and installed it with no problems (debian, not ubuntu, but it
shouldn't matter).

sudo dpkg --install monotone_0.32-0.1_i386.deb

>I intend to follow this with other recipes, such as for other distributions,
>for writing (trivial) applications, and for running on the emuators. Comments
>welcomed here too.

Thanks!  Especially for how to run the emulators.

>There is a page that seems redundant:
>Can anyone think of a reason to keep it?

As a beginner, directions like the ones you're working on and like the
ones at are
invaluable.  I suspect that once I know what I'm doing a one-line "use
this machine and this distro" will be very welcome.

Maybe putting this at the top of your recipe as an "if you've already
got openembedded working" section?

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