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The Silicon Valley Homebrew Mobile Phone Club has been discussing various
applications for their project, and are putting together an overall summary of
applications and frameworks. Some of you might find this information useful,
or you may want to provide feedback.

Although they mention OpenMoko, they didn't mention OpenEmbedded. I may point
this out to them.

You'll note that they struggle with many of the same issues we do, e.g. GPS

(By the way, although I try to follow the discussions on the SVHMPC list, I'm
not an active participant. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can about
this field, which is pretty new to me.)

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There has been some talk about various Linux based standards and
frameworks, and there are a few open software based phones that
include applications and frameworks. I'd like to collect an overall
summary of these on our wiki, so we can figure out what we can
leverage from elsewhere, and what we need to build from scratch, and
any dependencies. So lets discuss this on email, and I'll summarize on
the wiki, then people can correct and extend the info on the wiki.

Base OS: Linux sourced from Gumstix, includes cross compiler and has
Java support

GSM device driver: Tuxphone? Gumstix? Matt knows...

EDGE device driver: basic slow IP over GSM

Wifi/Bluetooth/LCD/Touchscreen etc. device drivers: hopefully basic Linux stuff?

GPS, accelerometer, power management? More advanced things we may need
to develop

Application frameworks
                   Qtopia open source release
                   This does not include all the phone apps provided
with the greenphone

                   OpenMoko homepage doesn't yet have links to code


Phone calling application
                   Basic call management stuff, GUI to dial a number

Web browser - Qt has Opera support,
                   Not sure how viable Firefox might be on Gumstix
                   Flash for Linux? Adobe has x86 version only, not
sure about others

Address book application?

Calendar application?

Notes taking?

Mobile oriented email client?

MP3 player? Gumstix includes some audio player support.

GPS mapping? perhaps google maps mobile java version? Not sure how to
feed it GPS coordinates, I think some versions of Gmm do interface to
GPS, but Java sandbox makes it hard.

What else?

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