Recipe for setting up OpenEmbedded environment on wiki

Rod Whitby rod at
Fri Feb 9 23:25:49 CET 2007

Phil Schaffner wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 13:17 -0800, Christopher Heiny wrote:
>> On Thursday 08 February 2007 07:42, picked up the following transmission 
>> from Christopher Heiny:
>>> That's a timely post!  My main system barfed Tuesday afternoon, and
>>> I've been bringing up a backup.  Here's some diffs to your procedure
>>> for Fedora Core 6...
>>> Under 1.1, I did
>>>    yum install ccache diffstate monotone
>>> since perl and python were already on the system
>> An update - texi2html and git should be added to that yum command:
>>     yum install ccache diffstate monotone texi2html git
>> If they're missing, the bitbake will complain and exit.
> For Red Hat EL4 (CentOS4.4) gets a bit more complicated.  No package was
> available in any of my usual CentOS repos (addons, atrpms, base,
> centosplus, dries, extras, kbs-CentOS-Extras,kbs-CentOS-Misc,rpmforge,
> update) for monotone, so tried to rebuild FC extras packages from
> src.rpm, but found deps on boost-devel >= 1.33.1 for recent versions,
> whereas only 1.32.0 was available.  Rebuilding boost-1.33.1-10.fc5 led
> to build deps on libicu-devel. Even the FC package was monotone-0.31 so
> downloaded the tarball for 32 and modified the spec file.  Building now.

Monotone 0.28 is good enough (that's what I run on CentOS 4.4).

The network protocol is compatible back to 0.27 (which is what is still running, cause it's running Debian Sarge).

> No CentOS/EL4 texi2html RPM available either - rebuilds OK from
> texi2html-1.76-4.fc6.src.rpm; git came in OK with 14 additional
> dependencies.

Install the tetex package to get texi2html.  An overkill I know, but
it's at least standard.

> Will post further updates/details later if there is interest.  Gotta run
> to work.

The setup-host-* targets in might also
provide you some more information.

-- Rod

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