Recipe for setting up OpenEmbedded environment on wiki

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at
Sat Feb 10 00:43:38 CET 2007

Rod Whitby writes:
>Monotone 0.28 is good enough (that's what I run on CentOS 4.4).
>The network protocol is compatible back to 0.27 (which is what
> is still running, cause it's running Debian Sarge).

It was not good enough on my Debian box.  0.31 gave me errors; iirc
something about an unkown revision in (though I'd have to
downgrade and redo to see just what the message was) right on the step
at that said

>If you run into a problem at this stage, check to make sure you have
>version 0.32 (or newer) of monotone installed.

Getting 0.32 fixed it.

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