Recipe for setting up OpenEmbedded environment on wiki

Rod Whitby rod at
Sun Feb 11 06:18:06 CET 2007

Phil Schaffner wrote:
> Has anyone succeeded in building openembedded apps on a Red Hat derived
> distro?  What are the recommended working environments in addition to
> Ubuntu 6.10 (Currently downloading Edgy Eft - but not my preferred
> distro)?

I build nslu2-linux firmware distributions (e.g. DISTRO=openslug,
MACHINE=nslu2) regularly on CentOS 4.4 - in fact, I just built four of
them from scratch today.  Have been doing so for some time.  I also
build on Debian Etch.

Catch me ('rwhitby') on #openmoko or #nslu2-linux and we can compare setups.

-- Rod

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