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Fred Leeflang fredl at
Mon Feb 12 12:00:11 CET 2007

Koen Kooi wrote:
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> Koen Kooi schreef:
>> Ben Dooks schreef:
>>> Is there any news on the status of the release that was
>>> meant to be happening today?
>> You probably mean 'yesterday' since it's the 12th now in both taiwan and europe.
> Apparently the developers don't count, but "OMG WIFI!!" people do:
The "OMG WIFI!!" people? Well I happen to be one of those
I guess. I'm one of the people who have asked Sean if/when WiFi
is going to be implemented on the neo's and then in particular
802.1x WiFi. Posting from the University of Twente, which has
a large 802.1x WiFi network, I would imagine you would have a
somewhat clearer view of the relevance of this.

Fred Leeflang

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