Integer pixel operations for gtk+?

Koen Kooi koen at
Mon Feb 12 21:01:22 CET 2007

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Behdad Esfahbod schreef:
> On Sat, 2007-02-10 at 14:29 +0100, Koen Kooi wrote:
>> There was some talk on the cairo list about moving image stuff into
>> cairo and having
>> optimized implementations there. It would be a nice experiment since
>> the cairo developers
>> are a lot more open to suggestions and contributions than the gtk+
>> people.
> Hi Koen,
> Other than "this is not productive", I want to explain the reason for
> this being perceived as it is.  Gtk+ is fat and old, and the maintainers
> are currently experiencing extreme shortage of human resources [1]. 

I'm having some problems with 'currently' applying to ignoring a patch that improves
performance on 'embedded' platforms for about 4 and a half *years*. For over a year I've
been trying to bring it to people attention, but somehow it didn't work. Now after making
2 hard statements about how hard it is to get patches into gtk+ I suddenly see 3 people
volunteering to work on it. So, it *has been* productive, whatever you or vincent may claim.

I'm not a supporter of being rude, but in this case it helped more than being polite and

And I want to stress again how much cairo has improved on embedded platforms the past
year. If we all work on getting patches like this into gtk+ and cairo we have a chance of
freeing all those little toys from gtk 2.6.ancient, so seperate branches aren't needed.

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