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Peter A Trotter peter.trotter at
Mon Feb 12 11:42:31 CET 2007

I agree Richard

> > I really wish that future announcements like this, that affect
> *developers*
> > are sent to this list instead of to the script kiddy list.
> It's great to see you have a healthy level of selfesteem, albeit a little
> cranky today maybe, but I don't appreciate being put down as a 'script
> kiddy'
> just because I know to post my ramblings or things unrelated to
> development
> on the comunity list.
> Richard.

There is much more to an open source community then just the developers.
Labeling anyone who is not a dev as a 'script kiddy' is counter productive
and risks alienating others. Testers, Translators etc would probably feel
pretty slighted by this.

I reckon Koen woke up with his angry hat on this morning :) or he's just
miffed at the delays.

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