Integer pixel operations for gtk+?

Koen Kooi koen at
Tue Feb 13 17:01:43 CET 2007

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Daniel Amelang schreef:
> On 2/10/07, Koen Kooi <koen at> wrote:
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>> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer schreef:
>> > Thanks for raising this issue Koen,
>> >
>> > I'd be very grateful for someone updating this patch to
>> >
>> > a) 2.6.10 and
>> > b) 2.10.x
>> Xan Lopez has expressed some interest in updating that patch (probably
>> for 2.10.x), but
>> won't have time till next week to do proper testing.
>> There was some talk on the cairo list about moving image stuff into
>> cairo and having
>> optimized implementations there. It would be a nice experiment since
>> the cairo developers
>> are a lot more open to suggestions and contributions than the gtk+
>> people.
> Well it sure makes sense to move "image stuff" into cairo. And we're
> always up for a challenge to optimize for a given platform, especially
> if you can make a cairo-perf test out of it, or give us some simple
> example code that we could turn into a perf test.
> First though, I personally would like to see some actual profiles that
> identify this as a bottleneck. To quote Koen from the bugzilla entry:
> "Let's hope it doesn't take another 4 and a half year to (produce a
> profile)." Federico asked for one a long time ago.

In the span of the bug in question, a short time ago.

> Maybe that's why
> the bug hasn't been recieved the needed love?

Point me to some code to do some performance test on and/or profile and I happily do that.
I asked for that before....



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