Integer pixel operations for gtk+?

David Ford david at
Tue Feb 13 17:15:35 CET 2007

On 2/12/07, Koen Kooi <koen at> wrote:
>> [...]
>> I'm not a supporter of being rude, but in this case it helped more 
>> than being polite and
>> patient.
You may not be a supporter of being rude, but most of the emails I 
remember about you, you are often being degrading, abrupt, rude, or 
otherwise less than polite to other people on the lists.

There seem to be a lot of talented people on this particular OM "skript 
kiddy" list and I've seen the works of several of these people get 
checked into code repositories here and there.  Additionally, I haven't 
had much of a problem getting code checked in to repos here and there 
over many projects and many years, but then again I'm usually more 
polite and appreciative of other people's work.

People state that you could have gotten their attention without the 
rudeness.  Might I suggest an ounce of courtesy will go a long way.  
Please be courteous and respectful of other people.

Have a great day.


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