Integer pixel operations for gtk+?

Koen Kooi koen at
Tue Feb 13 19:12:26 CET 2007

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David Ford schreef:
> Koen Kooi wrote:
>> David Ford schreef:
>> > People state that you could have gotten their attention without the
>> > rudeness.  Might I suggest an ounce of courtesy will go a long way.
>> > Please be courteous and respectful of other people.
>> net gain: nothing
>> net gain: patch
>> your point?
> My point?  If it were one of my projects you submitted a patch for,
> Generally I'd tell you to go away and come back when you have decent
> tongue in your mouth and I'd promptly ignore your submission regardless
> of it's benefit.

You're missing the point it's mot *my* submission, but someone elses, someone with enough
'geek cred' (being glibc/arm maintainer and more). So please point out where Phil has been
rude to explain for the 4.5 years of ignoring.

Personnally, I think it's very rude to go boasting about 'performance work' and asking
people to help and at the same time ignore patches when being pointed to. *that* is
unproductive. Calling for a profile is unproductive since none of the 'tools' (e.g.
theme-torturer) seems to work. Engaging in a discussion about something being unproductive
after it has been proven to be productive is hypocritical *and* unproductive.

A statement like "No need to be rude" would have been fine, and I would have apologized,
but saying "This is unproductive" is a) blatently false b) hypocritical. Saying "This is
unproductive, have a look a the Code of Conduct" is a godspe.

And even more scary: It apparently is a lot *less* work to keep patches private and update
them from time to time than to get them 'upstream'.

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