New recipe: Trivial application in Open Embedded

michael at michael at
Tue Feb 13 22:38:15 CET 2007

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007, Rodolphe Ortalo wrote:

> Le samedi 10 février 2007 à 12:18 -0800, michael at a
> écrit :
>> Thanks to the help of a bunch of people on this and the OpenEmbedded list< I
>> was able to learn how to create my first trivial application. Recipe is at:
>> The file create is an ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, etc. so it seems right,
>> but I didn't test it. Perhaps I'll fire up my old Zaurus SL-5000 and see if it
>> works.
>> I also took the opportunity to create an OpenEmbedded page which has this and
>> my other recipe as sub-pages. Perhaps those of you working with FC or other
>> distributions would like to create recipes for those. Even a work-in-progress
>> is helpful.
>> As usual, feedback of all sorts is welcome.
>> Next steps? One of
>>    - Create an ipkg. This trivial application only created the executable
>>    - Create a trivial application using GTE
> Could you try a possibly not-so-trivial recipe: run the application
> natively on host in xoo? (If possible, reusing the OpenEmbedded
> framework to ease building the entire middleware framework).
> I am still stuck fighting with "native" building with OpenEmbedded...

I was going to look into that tonight. I am new to xoo so first I have to
learn how it works.

I presume xoo requires that the application be cross-compiled for x86, so it
won't really be a test of the ARM version. Or is my presumption wrong?

> Rodolphe
> PS: But anyway, thanks for contributing such recipes. It will certainly
> help for fast start...

Glad you've found them helpful.


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