Integer pixel operations for gtk+?

Rob Taylor rob.taylor at
Wed Feb 14 01:15:24 CET 2007

Koen Kooi wrote:
> Rob Taylor schreef:
>>> Koen Kooi wrote:
>>>>>> Koen, TBH its pretty easy to figure out a performance test for this
>>>>>> patch; Write a test 
>>>> Ehm, and how would *I* do that? I don't code, remember? If for some reason someone feels
>>>> like being *productive*, here's a chance.
>>> Ah, well, that would make things difficult. Lets just say now is never a
>>> bad time to start.. It should be relatively simple, I'm sure you have
>>> enough experience to manage it. Feel free to ping me on IRC if you're
>>> having problems.
>>>>>> that loads in a test image with GdkPixbufLoader, and
>>>>>> then scales it to several different resolutions, repeating each scale
>>>>>> some number of times (say, 100), and exits when finished. Then just time
>>>>>> that test, 
>>>> The scale, not loading + scale, right?
>>> Yep.
> First try attached, it only manages to lock up my h2200. It's also in OE, so patches
> against that are ok as well.

Well done on doing that :) There were a couple of issues with your test
- you don't need to run gtk_main, that was why it was hanging, also I
figured it would be better to generate the images so it can be run
without having to find a particular image, and to ease testing with
different source sizes.

Attached is my modified version that generates 2 different sizes of
image, both with and without alpha, and times that.

Koen, could you see if you have any more luck with this on your h2200?

Rob Taylor
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