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Wed Feb 14 16:56:33 CET 2007

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Christopher Heiny schreef:
> On Wednesday 14 February 2007 03:43, picked up the following 
> transmission from Koen Kooi:
>> Phil Schaffner schreef:
>>> Good suggestion, and I will look at it, but does not make it any
>>> clearer how one would automate getting mailing list information
>>> content into a Wiki - in fact it points out how hard is is to
>>> categorize the content.  :-)
>> FWIW, I deleted a lot duplicate information in the linuxtogo openmoko
>> wiki since you all seemed to be duplicating
>> and
>> It's nice to see
>> people working on howto's, but fragmentation like this isn't good.
>> I'd like to have openembedded howto's/hints/whatever in the
>> openembedded wiki, and openmoko related stuff in the openmoko
>> wiki(s).
> FWIW, you also deleted a bunch of NOT duplicate information. 

No, I did not, look again.

>  When you 
> unilaterally delete other people's work and tell them "go do it 
> somewhere else", you should at the very least copy the non-redundant 
> portions of the information to the location you think it should be.

I removed not one bit of non-redundant info, look again.

> For example, I notice that you didn't bother to copy the OpemMoko local 
> configuration recipe to the OpenEmbedded LocalConfExamples page.

Correct, since it was redundant, look again.

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