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David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at palmsource.com
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It might be worth mentioning (or not; I'm going to do it anyway) that the "Hiker Application Framework", which ACCESS released shortly before Christmas as an open source project under the MPLv1.1 license, has a new home as well: www.hikerproject.org.

We haven't yet got all of the features that the openmoko site does--I'm our sole resource working on this right now--but I'm planning on adding a wiki, a Subversion repository, etc. 

Mailing lists should be up within a week or so: I'm in New York this week for a Linux Foundation meeting, so I'm not going to have much bandwidth for the next little while to work on this...

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It is my pleasure to announce that as of now, we have opened public
access to

Our main portal:

Our public wiki:

Our subversion server:

Our bugzilla:

Our 'developer file dump'

Our GForge installation

Please also note that
now has a number of more mailinglists.  To understand which list is used
for what, I suggest reading

As indicated before, we are far from a finished end-user ready product. 

Also, please note, that given our current small team size, we will
probably take quite a bit until we can respond to all your
suggestions/comments and even contributions.  We hope for your
understanding and patience.

- Harald Welte <laforge at openmoko.org>          	        http://openmoko.org/
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