Recipe for setting up OpenEmbedded environment on wiki

michael at michael at
Thu Feb 15 09:03:49 CET 2007

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, Koen Kooi wrote:

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> michael at schreef:
>> Phil, Richi - I added a page for this on the wiki, with only minor edits.
>> Please correct as you see fit.
>> Please feel free to take credit for this page, as you two figured this out.
> How does that page give more info than the FC section in the Oeandyourdistro wiki at
> I sense another candidate for deletion.

I don't know yet - it's not really complete. I mostly did it to save the
efforts of Phil and Richi so others can benefit. If it turns out to be a
duplicate then by all means delete. But I'd like to let Phil and Richi (or
someone else using FC) confirm that the FC section on openembedded works for


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