Ok, I successfully followed the MokoMakefile instructions. Now what?

Alan Ide gamebeavis at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 17:31:20 CET 2007

To be very honest, this is my first trip into the land of programming that
wasn't either a Windows.exe, or a Desktop linux program, and now I am a
little lost. I have never attempted to create or compile a program for
anything like this before, and I haven't a clue what to do now. I followed
the Mokomakefile instructions (which are unbelievably easy to follow, thank
you!), and successfully built OE and whatever else it builds and creates
(part of the problem is not knowing exactly what I actually just did, but Im
not sure I have to know that part). Now, I want to create an SDL based
program for the Neo, it will handle the windowing, the input, the everything
else, so I dont really have to get into the "framework" of openmoko just
yet, all I need to do is compile my "Hello World.cpp" file and make an
OpenMoko compatible program with it (I think). How would I do that? So the
basic question is this, I have a "Hello World.cpp" and I want to make a
program I can load onto my Neo1973 and run it. How do I get from A to B?
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