Desktop side?

Ben Burdette bburdette at
Sat Feb 17 15:23:31 CET 2007

> Anyone else thinking of the desktop side of the software? An open
> phone that syncs well with Linux is nice, but your average consumer
> rarely ever runs and has only occasionally heard of Linux.
> I've been thinking of a simple but well featured desktop sync much
> like the Palm Desktop software, however it would be able to
> export/import data easier, handle media files better, etc.
> I was thinking of taking the Java way out of worrying if someone was
> on Win/Mac/Linux. Though until things arer more solidified only time
> will tell.
> But anyone else out there thinking like i am? Have any other thoughts?

It would be nice to have an emulator to actually run the software over 
on the computer side.  Not that that's the best way to have a desktop 
side to openmoko, but in the palm world its just reality that most 
developers never make a desktop component to their application.  With a 
solid, easy to use emulator and a sync utility you could run anything 
that runs on the phone, barring actually making calls or get gps signals.

Besides the emulator, I'd like to see a nice contacts and calendar app 
on the PC side, similar to the palm desktop.

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