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Richi Plana schreef:
> On Sat, 2007-02-17 at 07:23 -0700, Ben Burdette wrote:
>> It would be nice to have an emulator to actually run the software over 
>> on the computer side.  Not that that's the best way to have a desktop 
>> side to openmoko, but in the palm world its just reality that most 
>> developers never make a desktop component to their application.  With a 
>> solid, easy to use emulator and a sync utility you could run anything 
>> that runs on the phone, barring actually making calls or get gps signals.
>> Besides the emulator, I'd like to see a nice contacts and calendar app 
>> on the PC side, similar to the palm desktop.
> Seems one of the more common sentiments around here (myself included). I
> was wondering if we could get a statement from Sean et al. on where a
> software emulator 

What do you want to emulate?

If it's the cpu, qemu can do that, but not 100%, so you still need a real arm920t device
to test on.
If it's the screen, you don't have a 300dpi screen on your desk, so you still need a real
device to see if the gui makes sense.
If it's the touchscreen, you also need a real device.
If it's the gsm modem, you still need a external modem.

If it's just the apps, Xoo is good enough.

Running openmoko built natively inside Xoo/Xephyr/Xnest is Good Enough(tm) for the biggest
part of people trying to get an idea of openmoko.

The strenght of openmoko is that it (re)uses 'desktop' technologies for nearly everything,
 so you don't need a VM to run symbian in or hack in a virtual framebuffer to get
'embbeded' guis do display. It's just plain old X.

Please don't stare yourself blind on an 'emulator', since your desktop already emulates
90% of the openmoko tech.

> It will be a while before I get my hands on a Neo (March?) but I'd
> really like to start coding now.

You can already do that without an emulator.


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