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Sat Feb 17 18:55:44 CET 2007

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Dean Collins schreef:
> Koen,
> You think you're so right about architecture and software development
> that you are writing code when less than 3 weeks ago an email was sent
> to the entire list stating that there had been some hardware
> changes.......

Yes, FIC moved the bluetooth module to make space for a jtag connector. Wow, that sure is
a big design and architectural change.

> Yeh right, so the manufacturer is still bedding down the design and
> architecture but you say that I'm spouting FUD.

Heh, none of those changes effect:

* the SoC used (s3c2410)
* the LCD used (285 DPI portait vga)
* audio hardware used (wolfson codec, natsemi amp)
* bluetooth chip used (CSR)
* Software stack (X + gtk + custom widgets)

So you're still spreading FUD, most relevant 'Uncertainty' and 'Doubt'.

> Please don't bullshit yourself.

Stop trying to bullshit us with your FUD.

> As for Savaje being Java so not relevant - BZZZT kind of right but not
> really. The issue we had with the Savaje handset was access at the
> hardware level, basically we were unable to implement our Java voip
> applications because of hardware access to the microphone limitations.

So it suck to be a savaje dev, good to know I'm working on openmoko instead that.
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