OpenMokoProjects anonymous svn access not working?

Rod Whitby rod at
Sun Feb 18 09:16:16 CET 2007

Anonymous SVN access to:


seems to be not responding.  Could the admins please fix that (and
perhaps shorten that repo path (with a symlink perhaps) to just
svn:// while they are at it?).

Also, the web svn access at
reports a fatal error.

As soon as that's fixed, I'll be able to upload a MokoMakefile version
which actually builds openmoko-devel-image (as per documented at

With the documented build procedure, the build is not repeatable (nor is
it even buildable).  Using MokoMakefile, it is repeatably buildable
(although it omits u-boot, cause the latest changes have caused it not
to build, so I need to go back and find a revision of the patches which
will build for openmoko svn rev 1004).

-- Rod

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