OpenMokoProjects anonymous svn access not working?

Rod Whitby rod at
Sun Feb 18 11:02:42 CET 2007

Krzysztof Kajkowski wrote:
> Thanks again Rob for your Makefile.

You're welcome (it's "Rod", BTW).

> Let me use this thread to write you about 2 problems I have encountered
> with your script on my Ubuntu:
> - in the process of installing and compiling script tried to run git
> which wasn't included in my system. I got some text that git is no
> longer called 'git' in debian. After issuing following commands
> everything works fine:
> sudo  apt-get install git-core cogito
> sudo update-alternatives --config git
> (press 2 to choose git)

You should update the
wiki page - there's nothing I can do about this in MokoMakefile.

> -  second problem
> NOTE: Task failed: Fetch failed:

> Consider changing path to that js lib in your Makefile.

The "make setup-sources" target already downloads it for you, just like
in the documented build process.

-- Rod

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