OpenMokoProjects anonymous svn access not working?

jeff moe at
Sun Feb 18 20:49:24 CET 2007

Krzysztof Kajkowski wrote:
> 2007/2/18, Rod Whitby <rod at>:
>> Krzysztof Kajkowski wrote:
>> > sudoo  apt-get install git-core cogito
>> > sudo update-alternatives --config git
>> >
>> > (press 2 to choose git)
>> You should update the
>> wiki page - there's nothing I can do about this in MokoMakefile.
> Thanks for pointing it out. I updated that wiki.
>> -  second problem
>> >
>> > NOTE: Task failed: Fetch failed:
>> >
>> > Consider changing path to that js lib in your Makefile.
>> The "make setup-sources" target already downloads it for you, just like
>> in the documented build process.
> See my previous post. Strange thing is that having this file (downloaded by
> your Makefile or even by hand) doesn't satisfy bitbake and it tries to
> download it from non-existant location. I cannot find any other solution to
> this except editing .bb file manually.

touch ../build/tmp/stamps/armv4t-linux/js-1.5-r0.do_fetch


Basically, MokoMakefile doesn't include the "fixes".

The problems themselves are fixed upstream, but openmoko is currently using an 
older snapshot of openembedded. It would be cool if MokoMakefile would be set 
up to do current builds instead of just the older snapshot.

I ran into the "e-data-server-util.h: No such file or directory" issue when 
building using MokoMakefile.

I also ran into a problem building on a x86_64 host:
mutex.h:647: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'tsl_t'


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