Tips for Building OE for OpenMoko using

michael at michael at
Mon Feb 19 00:02:40 CET 2007


First off, thanks for the script. It is a great timesaver. I have been
compiling for a couple of days now (slow machine, and having to fix things and
restart) and making great progress.

Some of the things that tripped me up may be helpful to others. We've also
seen some discussed on this list. It would be great to gather them all in one
place, perhaps on the MokoMakefile wiki page.

I'm not talking about errors in the script that can be fixed. I'm talking
about "gotchas" that are outside of the control of the script, and must be
done manually by the user.

Rod, where would you like to see such tips? Do you want to add them or should
we as we stumble across them?


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