Tips for Building OE for OpenMoko using

michael at michael at
Mon Feb 19 00:07:28 CET 2007

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007, michael at wrote:

> Rod,
> First off, thanks for the script. It is a great timesaver. I have been
> compiling for a couple of days now (slow machine, and having to fix things 
> and
> restart) and making great progress.
> Some of the things that tripped me up may be helpful to others. We've also
> seen some discussed on this list. It would be great to gather them all in one
> place, perhaps on the MokoMakefile wiki page.
> I'm not talking about errors in the script that can be fixed. I'm talking
> about "gotchas" that are outside of the control of the script, and must be
> done manually by the user.
> Rod, where would you like to see such tips? Do you want to add them or should
> we as we stumble across them?
> Michael

Gah. Sorry for the error in the subject. I meant to add "using _OpenMakefile_".

But now I dare not change the subject or it will break threading mail readers.


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