OpenMoko & OE question

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Feb 19 04:16:51 CET 2007

Rod Whitby wrote:
> Cause MokoMakefile is designed to codify the official build procedure
> (which currently still says use revision 1004).

Please don't take that one as gospel yet. When branching from the
pre-BBT variant, I just moved the version forward from the clearly
obsolete 887 to the then latest version, but didn't run a full
build yet, so it may well be broken. I've read that 1003 should be
better, so I've changed that. Hope it helps. If not, please
holler :-)

In the hopefully not too distant future, I'll set up a machine to
run builds regularly, which should help with this sort of QA.

Note that there are some more things that need updating, namely JTAG
and how all this connects to the lab host. The current description
is about the old hardware we're using for development right now, but
which will be replaced by the much better debug v2 board for phase 0.
EMS and customs willing, I should get mine in 1-2 days, so also this
will still take a bit.

My idea was to have the build instructions for phase 0 ready for
phase 0. I guess I should have expected that they'd be used before,
and may cause a bit of confusion. Sorry about that.

- Werner

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