OpenMoko & OE question

Rod Whitby rod at
Mon Feb 19 07:23:00 CET 2007

Werner Almesberger wrote:
>> Excellent.  I hope you will use MokoMakefile as the top-level executor
>> for that, so we know that the official QA builds can be easily
>> reproduced by external devs on their own build machines.
> It definitely looks like a good starting point. I haven't looked at
> the details yet, but I like the idea. There seems to be a lot of
> rather long path names and commands in there, though, and I wonder
> if it wouldn't be possible to shorten them through the use of
> variables. I'm also a big fan of wc -L never reporting a number
> larger than 80 :-)

Absolutely - consider it with the same "don't notice the initial flaws"
attitude that we're applying to your code :-)

If someone inside OpenMoko core team is interested, I'm very open to
collaborating and shaping this to meet both the needs of internal QA
builds and external developer builds.

-- Rod

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